Welcome to EOBot.biz

Welcome to EOBot.biz We are a company that offers mining cloud service that provides to investors the mining gains in a simplified form. We work as a local group since 2020 and now we opened our business to new investors. Focused on sustainability, the economy in internal spending and the use of alternative and redundant power supplies, along with the latest mining machines in the market, we got the differential of investment price and the ROI. This means that in 5 days you will return all your investments and will continue to receive a net profit. You can withdraw the funds or reinvest them at any time in our cloud mining platform.

Our Mission..

Basically cloud mining service is available on specialized equipment - Asilah. The profitability of cloud mining is determined by the number of mined coins and their market price, i.e. at the end of the contract (or within its duration) you will receive the mined cryptocurrency or equivalent payments in Fiat to your e-wallet in proportion to the number of leased facilities.

Our Vision..

Our ability to combine high-tech and maximum effective production cryptocurrency, based on the 2-year experience in mining, trading and investing. We offer CryptoCoin Cloud Mining Contracts the right way: transparent. convenient. and above all cost-effective.